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Course Details

  • Practical Gemology Mine to End Customer Fast-track Guaranteed with lifetime Service and Support until you become a successful trader
  • $125 ( Rs.25,000) worth Gemstones Kit for Studies and Reselling after the Program
  • 16 Days Live, Online or Offline Sessions ( Unlimited Revisions )
  • Unlimited Field Visits to Local Gem Fairs and Gem Mines 
  • Lifetime Subscription for 24 hours support hotline
  • Business Setup – Google and Physical Location
  • Fully Customized Website with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited products + top-level domain (.com )+ Online Store (CMS) + Training + SEO
  • Social Media Integration, Guidance and Setup / 
  • Digital Marketing for four business (lifetime support)
  • Email Marketing, Newsletters, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Tumblr +
  • YouTube Channel Setup and Guidance with SEO
  • Gemstones and jewelry Photography and Videography in Natural Background with Minimum Resources
  • Resources, Business Leads Introduction with Recommendation ( Rough/Raw Gemstones and Cut & Polished Stones Suppliers, Heat Treatment Experts, Top Level Gem Cutters, High Demand Laboratories, High-Quality Jewelry Makers, Import and Exports Agents, and Methods )

practical gemology


Some words About us and Practical Gem Business Gem trading is considered as one of the top 10 most lucrative businesses in the world, but surprisingly very easy to establish yourself providing you the right knowledge. In short, it is a walk in the park with the right guidance. Not just classroom knowledge, the most important factor is practical knowledge. The way you identify the rough or polished stone end potential is the key.

Purchasing rough is the most cost-effective and most rewarding method with profits from 10% to sometimes 500% this is why Many traders prefer to buy in rough. When doing so you need to be able to identify the following, Type of stone How many carats can be cut from the rough?

The color and clarity after cutting If it needs further treatment to enhance the beauty (Heat treatment) Potential market value and return This is where we come in, With over 40 years and 3 generations of experience in the world’s most profitable gem industry (Ceylon / Sri Lanka) we are able to guide you from how to work your way from the mines to the buyer.

Main Features

Gem Identification.

Visiting gem mines and understand various gem mining methods understanding raw materials.

Visit main rough, cut, and polished gem markets.

Gem Valuations training you to perfectly identify gems without gemological tools Gem Treatments (Heat, Electric).

1st party, 2nd party, 3rd party in intermediary (Brokering) gem trading.


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