Gemstones and Trading

1. History of Gemstones

Gemstones Formation

gemstones formation 1. Igneous 2. Metamorphic 3. Sediment 3. Hydrothermal


egyptian jewelleryI think most people think of the Egyptians when they think of old jewelry. It was only when the tomb of Tutankhamun was opened in 1922 that the hieroglyphs were seen for the first time. They show people wearing gold bangles, neckpieces, and earrings. One of the most amazing things about this almost-complete tomb was that it had a lot of beautiful, gold-covered artifacts. The Egyptian aesthetic has been a big influence on Modernist jewelry, and it still has a big influence on jewelry designs today. Germany fibula-brooch A fibula-brooch or pin that is used to fasten clothes, usually on the right shoulder. The fibula came in a lot of different shapes, but they all used the same safety-pin idea. Fibulae aren’t just pretty like most modern brooches. They were used to fasten clothes, like cloaks, back then. Archaeologists use the word “fibula” when they talk about ancient jewelry. They also use the word “brooch” when they talk about jewelry from the British Isles, and when they talk about other types of jewelry that aren’t old “safety pin” types.


nawarathna ring At that time, navaratna was first used. As it turns out, India’s history of diamond mining and pearl fishing goes back more than 2,000 years. In ancient times, a lot of its coastline was protected by huge coral reefs. Today, only the eastern state of Orissa makes ruby, sapphire, emerald (beryl), garnet, topaz, zircon, and cat’s-eye chrysoberyl, all of which come from the same place. The gems of navaratna are a way to show off the natural treasures of this ancient civilization.

2. Hidden treasures of Sri Lanka

Sapphires are the best gems to buy from Sri Lanka as an investment. ceylon blue sapphire



3. Healing power of gemstones


astrological gemstones


birthstones chart Healing Gemstones

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3. How to become a gem trader?

You could be able to, 1. Identify 2. Valuate 3. Trade Also should practice selling methods Ex : A.For the beauty B.For the wealth C.As an Investment and protect money D.As astrological and helping purpose Identify sources A.Gem mines B.Gem Fairs C Gem Sellers


You must study the market with a professional to speed up the process. If not it takes a long time to evaluate row gems, cut and polished gems, and invest in proper gems.


You should only invest in investor-grade gemstones with reseller value. That process also could only be speed up by a professional trader. You can sell in the local market or in the international market. The best way is gem mine to end customer. Find end customers to make maximum revenue. Thank you Sampath Samarasekara the Gemological Institute of Ceylon[learn_press_profile]